Laser-Based Imaging Technology
Total Wire Corporation is developing a new class
of TWIG device for interventional cardiology and
other medical use.  Our device combines the
handling dynamics of a conventional guidewire
with an intravascular guidance capability to enable
safe and effective treatment of coronary as well as
peripheral vascular diseases.  
Better Treatment
In the United States alone, eight million people are affected by the peripheral
artery disease and eighteen million have coronary artery disease.  The
endovascular procedures are often guided by fluoroscope.  For complex lesions
such as chronic total occlusion, the long procedure time can cause side effects
like radiation burn, contrast overdose, and the risk of vessel perforation is high.  
These procedures are time-consuming and highly stressful to clinicians as well.  
Our Guidance Wire can significantly improve the standard of care for this and
other complex vascular diseases.  The wire can also be used in conjunction with
many devices in cath lab today, for example, the various atherectomy catheters for
CAD and PAD treatment.   
Easy to Use
Compatible with conventional guidewires and microcatheters.
Flexible and steerable, down to 014 size.
Device provides real-time guidance information from within the vessel.
A Fiberoptic Guidewire That Can See
Total Wire Imaging Guidewire
Total Wire Corporation
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